The Retinue of Dionysos

The Retinue of Dionysos also known as the Court or the Dionysian Dead

Children of Dionysos (Priapos, Deïanira, Telete, etc.)
Lovers of Dionysos (Ampelios, Beroë, Hebe, etc.)
Prophets of Dionysos (Tieresias, the Etruscan Stranger, Walter Otto, etc.)
Neoi Dionysoi (Achilles, Hadrian, the Borgias etc.)
Artists of Dionysos (Rhinthon, Nonnos, Tristano Martinelli, etc.)
Martyrs of Dionysos (King Skyles, Dirke, the Bakchai of Southern Italy, etc.)
The Initiates.
The Orpheotelestai.
The Fervent Devotees.
The Drunk and Insane.
The Hunters.
The Feasting Heroes.
The Strange, the Outcast, and the Forgotten Dead who have been Received.
The Sentries.
Things that appear like Titans.
Things that appear like the Harlequinade.
Things that appear like Fairies and Goblins.


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