Communal Prayer
Hermes – on Wednesday
God of guides and guide of gods, men, spirits, souls, and heroes! Be kind and lead us to our goals and ends, not just lead us on in your jokes and wiles! May we honor you as door-opener, gate-crasher, road-walker, schedule-helper, May we be blessed by you as thinkers, writers, speakers, commuters. Traveling trickster, dearest stranger, your talents are many, and no paths are closed to you. May your luck move through me as I move through life, in harmony with the gods. In your honor, I will speak with eloquence and greet the unexpected with grace. God of the Road that is all roads, above the earth and beneath, protect the travel-weary souls on your Road, no matter where it takes them, twist and turn the road beneath our feet to guide us where we must go, drive us as the stolen cattle to the will of our fate-woven cords, and carry us as messages to Hades when our road is done, may we recognize you on the darkest paths that your work may be carried out in full. Swiftest of gods, messenger divine. As you carried away the crying child, guide and save the souls of the Forgotten! May they find blissful life after dying. I pray to Hermes of the staff and the fleet feet, who guides us down and sets our feet on the path. I [take action] for Hermes of the Starry Bull.
[Source & Credits]

Orphic Hymn 28. To Hermes
Incense: Frankincense

Hear me, Hermes, messenger of Zeus, son of Maia.
Almighty is your heart, O lord of the deceased and judge of contests.
Gentle and clever, O Argeiphontes, you are a guide whose sandals fly,
And a man-loving prophet to mortals.
You are vigorous and you delight in exercise and in deceit.
Interpreter of all, you are a profiteer who frees us of cares,
And who holds in his hands the blameless tool of peace.
Lord of Korykos, blessed,
helpful and skilled in words, you assist in work,
You are a friend of mortals in need,
And you wield the dreaded and respected weapon of speech.
Hear my prayer and grant a good end to a life of industry,
gracious talk and mindfulness.

Orphic Hymn 57. To Chthonic Hermes
Incense: Storax

You dwell in the compelling road of no return, by the Kytos.
You guide the souls of mortals to the nether gloom.
Hermes, off-spring of Dionysos who revels in dance,
And Aphrodite, the Paphian maiden of the fluttering eyelids,
You frequent the sacred house of Persephone,
As guide throughout the earth of ill-fated souls,
Which you bring to their haven when their time has come,
Charming them with your sacred wand and giving them sleep,
From which you rouse them again.
To you indeed Persephone gave the office, throughout wide Tartaros,
To lead the way for the eternal souls of men.
But, O blessed one, grant a good end for the initiate’s wok.


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