Communal hymn for Melinoë

Special thanks to: Sannion, Krasskova Creations (Galina) and Alder Knight

I pray to Melinoe
She of the double nature
The light in the darkness and the dark in the light
I pray to Melinoe of the Starry Bull
I offer praises to Melinoe
born of savage power.
I offer praises to the Goddess
of the soul’s inarticulate cry.
honey appeased, serpent wielding Power
May I ever reverence You well,
Who carries us through from frenzy
to the sweetness of a balanced mind.
Cracked mirror, burnt branch,
Split with rage and howling grief,
You name the trauma that hides, unnamed
Yours is the hand on the shuddering shoulder
Yours is the line in the sand
Yours is the anguish
And the release therefrom
In outrage, you unfurl
In madness, you bear witness
The pain is yours
You hold it for those who cannot
You are the torch for those lost in the darkness
And the dark shadow that follows the corrupt through the light
I pray to you, Melinoe
I praise and honor you

Hymn to Melinoe I
by Rebecca Buchanan

she is the pale fruit
of midnight,
sweet juice banishing

Hymn to Melinoe II
by Rebecca Buchanan

daughter of the red-lipped queen:
only your sweet fruit
calms the mad fury
of your sisters

Hymn to Melinoe III
by Rebecca Buchanan

a pale-faced woman
rides the back roads of midnight
the headlights of her motorcycle
sizzling and sparking
with infernal light

she wears saffron-bright silk and leather
she smells of coal dust and sulfur
she carries a silver flask in each pocket

if you should meet her
at a bar or crossroads or interstate rest stop
surrounded by tired long-haul truckers and screaming toddlers
and if
with a smile
she should offer you a sip
from one of her flasks
take care which one you choose
for one is the wine of sweet dreams
and the other
the bitter draught of nightmares

Hymn to Melinoe IV
by Rebecca Buchanan

live on the bottom of a lake
just south of the fields of asphodel

is the only one
who will visit them

she sits on the bank
of that still mercury-colored pool,
tossing in bits of pomegranate
and sometimes mint and saffron seeds
and she watches the waters dip
and burble
for just a moment
as the nightmares fight over the treats

she giggles
sticks her toes in the freezing waters
and whispers to the nightmares
of the treats that await them
in the minds of sleeping mortals

Prayer to Melinoe I
by Rebecca Buchanan

terrible one:
who must be propitiated
with offerings of mint
and pomegranate:
keep your nightmares
and terrors
at bay:
grant me peaceful dreams
and restful sleep

Prayer to Melinoe II
by Rebecca Buchanan
terrible one:
grant me
honeyed dreams

Hymn to Melinoe V
by Rebecca Buchanan

daughter of the dread queen:
lips red as the pomegranate
skin pale as the moon
hair dark as erebos:
in her hand
the sweet fruit of oblivion:
trailing in her wake
the seven nightmares
to drive men mad

For Melinoe
by Galina Krasskova

I offer this prayer to Melinoe,
Daughter of Persephone,
born of savage power.

Goddess of initiations,
called ‘Dark Mind,”
Succor and Sustenance
of the suffering,
Keeper of memory
Who guides us through
the feral frenzy
of our own souls,
I beg Your protection.

Help my soul in its journey
to the truth of its being.

Goddess of invocations,
of the soul’s cry for mercy,
You are called Sweet mind,
honey appeased,
fruit bearing Power.
May I ever reverence You well.

Serpent handling Muse,
Guardian of the dead,
ever called She Who Changes,
No magic is beyond Your power,
may I ever know the grace
of praising You well.

Hail, Melinoe!

A short letter to Melinoe
by Narkaios

Dear Melinoe,

I am sorry! I am so sorry! I am making the same mistake so many have committed before me and there is no way of excusing my behavior. My heart bleeds as I think of the pain you had to endure… from your conception to the point where our bull-horned Lord set you free.

You are the seed of your lust-driven father, a delicate flower blossoming forth from the trauma he inflicted on your mother. Torn apart by the neglect you had to go through you befriended the ones who in death are in turn neglected by their beloved. Only you can truly understand their pain, to call your rage insane’s a sin!

I am so sorry, bountiful nightshade! Not long ago I confessed my fears to the torch-bearing Mistress of the Crossroads, a companion so close to you, that some mistake you to be one. I asked her to free me from my fear of being forgotten… So, how do I dare to forget you? To forget the ones that came before me?

The dusts of time cover their names, their faces are whitened by the long grown cold ashes of the sacrificial fires that were meant to nourish them. Their shades wander aimlessly through the worlds, unrested and never finding what the look for, as oblivion ( the only gift their descendants still have for them) is keeping their goals secret.

Only through your name, beautiful dame, can we duely propitiate them.

Oh Melinoe,… you live the sorrow the are going through and justly inflict madness and terror on those that caused it! I am sorry for reminding you of the agony by knowing your name and still forgetting you… Please accept my apologies and let this letter be the beginning of my appeasing offerings.

Orphic Hymn 71 to Melinoë

I call upon Melinoë, saffron-cloaked nymph of the earth,
To whom august Persephone gave birth by the mouth of the Kokytos,
Upon the sacred bed of Kronian Zeus
He lied to Plouton and through treachery mated with Persephone,
Whose skin when she was pregnant he mangled in anger.
She drives mortals to madness with her airy phantoms,
As she appears in weird shapes and forms,
Now plain to the eye, now shadowy, now shining in the darkness,
And all this in hostile encounters in the gloom of night.
But, goddess and queen of those below, I beseech you,
To banish the soul’s frenzy to the ends of the earth,
and show a kindly and holy face to the initiates.



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