Communal Prayer
Hekate – on Wednesday
Torch-maiden of the mysteries, you who hold power alongside but unbound to the Lords of the Earth, Night-wandering leader of dead hosts, mighty Hekate, lead us along the path to the crossroads. May we honor you there, may we honor those in your train, and may we choose well which way to turn. Crossroads mistress, of Earth, Sea and Sky, flanked by dogs and serpent-girdled… Saffron colored your untouchable gown two your torches, fires of the night hear our prayers as we pour you red wine and help us sooth the Unresting. I bow to she who holds the key, who knows the hidden magicks of plant and beast. Hekate, some part of me is at the crossroads some part of me is lost in the dark, where all possibilities collide. Wandering Queen, protect what is in transition. I pray to Hekate, who brings the dead to the feast, who dances in revels lit by her torches. I [take action] for Hekate of the Starry Bull.
[Source & Credits]


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