Communal Prayer
Aphrodite – on Tuesday
Sweet, soothing Aphrodite Heavenly One, Earthly One whose power takes root In gods and men alike Hear our prayers! Grant us the grace and gift Of your beauteous sight! Come and dwell amongst your people Show us the ways of overpouring Love So that we may be filled unto the utmost And burst like grapes, like world-creating fire! In every face and every smile that ever launched ship or let loose hound, we see the beauty of your depths, breaker of men, eater of hearts, healer in the dark, we cry out to you whose warrior sons drive weapons deep in our breasts, let loose your wiles, terrible and strong as the tide, Show to us the passion that is your gift to life. With long hair, wild yet beautiful, smooth yet fierce, wearing rubies and pearls and all manner of gems, give us love and lovely things, lady of the sea and all waters! Mother of our births, for without you no union can be made, Seducer of our hopes, for by you we fly across seas of desire. Our sweat is salty; we come from your oceans. Our tears are salty; we cry for and because of you. Oh divinity, how beautiful you lie open before our eyes! Goddess of sky and sea, such radiant glory makes mortals cry. One glance from you, dare one sweet kiss, I would willingly die! Aphrodite, thy name is Love. I have only gratitude for the One who caresses and wakens us into longing All history may be measured by moments of passion. Through love, I embody my humanity. Through love, I become more divine. Open me further, Great Goddess, to this higher purpose, touch me again! I await the next collision. I pray to Aphrodite, who brings together what is separate, who inspires the action of the night. I [take action] for Aphrodite of the Starry Bull.

Orphic Hymn 55. To Aphrodite

Heavenly, smiling Aphrodite, praised in many hymns,
Sea-born, revered goddess of generation, you like the night-long revel,
And you couple lovers at night,
O scheming mother of Necessity.
Everything comes from you;
you have yoked the world and you control all three realms.
You give birth to all, to everything in heaven, upon fruitful earth,
And in the depths of the sea, O venerable companion of Bacchos.
You delight in festivities, O bride-like mother of the Erotes,
O persuasion whose joy is in the bed of love, secretive giver of grace,
Visible and invisible, lovely-tressed daughter of a noble father.
Bridal feast companion of the gods, sceptered she-wolf,
Beloved and man-loving giver of birth and of life,
With your maddening love-charms you yoke mortals,
And the many races of beasts to unbridled passion.
Come, O goddess born in Cyprus,
whether you are on Olympos, O queen,
Exulting in the beauty of your face,
or you wander in Syria, country of fine frankincense,
Or, yet, driving your golden chariot in the plain,
You lord it over Egypt’s fertile river bed.
Come, whether you ride your swan-drawn chariot over the sea’s billows,
Joying in the creatures of the deep as they dance in circles,
Or you delight in the company of the dark-faced nymphs on land,
As light-footed, they frisk over the sandy beaches.
Come, lady, even if you are in Cyprus that cherishes you,
Where fair maidens and chaste nymphs throughout the year sing of you,
O blessed one, and of immortal, pure Adonis.
Come O beautiful and comely goddess.
I summon you with holy words and pious soul.


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