Communal Prayer
The Nymphs – on Saturday
Every tree is a dancer, every mountain a myth, each river a song. Beautiful Nymphai, you protect life in its most elemental expressions, I ground myself in the divinity of this place, knowing wherever I go, I can feel the wind and water pulse and thrum like the echo of a tympanon in the god’s eternal bacchanal. Dwellers in the waters of the world, haunters of caves, you who’ve life-giving sap singing in your veins, Protean lovers of gods and heroes, blessed are they that find you, wise are they that worship you, the holy Nymphai. I pray to the Nymphs and Satyrs, His eternal companions, those who dance with him above and below. I [take action] for the Nymph and Satyrs of the Starry Bull.

[Source & Credits]


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