Communal Prayer
Ariadne – on Tuesday
Ariadne, wise and clever daughter of Crete. You go where others dare not travel. When we are troubled or worried, be there to give us your wisdom. Help us when we are lost, or take the uneven steps on our path. Remind us there is hope at the end of our patience. Unlock the puzzles we find ourselves in, Mistress of the Labyrinth. Swinging, spiraling dancer of the shadowy in-between– your love and your wildness can only be contained by the stars. I will grasp the thread you offer, the one that snakes through my heart, and I will not be afraid. Axe-dancer, swinger on the vine, net-weaver, mistress called wife, you that make the trees grow erect and fruit, you whose face is sweet and fierce by turns, ferocious hunter, hidden behind meek face ripped and torn by the beaked monster within, mad and maddening paradox in the skin of a maiden none too maidenly, bless the land with the blood you shed and that shed by your followers, may it stream through the labyrinth as water from the earth. Betrayal was neither your intent nor your sin, our Lady, but for surpassing love and mercy were you punished. For helping those in need, you were helped in yours, forsaken then reclaimed queen among mortals! Deep love can lead us into danger and despair; lead us from danger into the safety of divine embrace, lead us from despair into the hope of divine love. I pray to Ariadne, who guides the way to the Starry Bull, and returns from under the earth. I [take action] for Ariadne of the Starry Bull.
[Source & Credits]


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