Essential Writings by Sannion

(Admin note: Sannion has since disconnected from the thiasos, but we still base our traditions on his writing. These links are still relevant to our path. The last link directs to his announcement of leaving as archiboukolos.)

* A brief account of how I became an evil cult leader.
* A brief overview of tarantism.
* Another Story.
* On Arachne, Erigone and Ariadne.
* Ariadne and Artemis: the dissimilar doubles.
* On Apollo and Dionysos.
* Ἀστέριος ὄνομα.
* Bacchic Orphic taboos.
* Bricolage.
* Chthonic Dionysos and the Saints of the True Vine.
* Dark minded thoughts.
* Death and what comes after.
* Death, for the Orphics, was like a really intense drug trip.
* Defining the indefinable.
* Dionysos exists at the extremes.
* A Dionysian perspective on Orphism.
* Dionysian purity.
* Dismembering the myth of Zagreus.
* The good die young, even when they’re not.
* Greek colonization in Italy.
* On heroes.
* How to get started in the thiasos of the Starry Bull.
* Italian Anthesteria.
* Jim Morrison the Dionysian hero.
* On Medeia.
* More on mysteries.
* Orphism isn’t misogynistic.
* Orphism isn’t vegetarian.
* On Pythagoreanism.
* The restoration of the mysteries.
* Running with the Apis.
* Saint Paul the Orphic?
* Salvation is a Deep Dark Well.
* Sannion is a dick and a fool.
* Son of Semele or son of Persephone?
* Spider, Hermes and Saint Paul.
* Starry Aphrodite.
* The status of women in Magna Graecia part I.
* The status of women in Magna Graecia part II.
* The Story.
* Taras and Iakchos.
* On Thyiadism.
* A tradition distilled.
* What you need to know to get started in the thiasos of the Starry Bull.
* What you should know about the Starry Bull pantheon.
* Why Jim?
* Why it’s impossible to revive the mysteries.
* A wizard of words: Hermes and Orpheus.
* Worship, the Sannion way.
* Yet another story.

*The thiasos is now headless


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