The Words of Apollon

Modeled on the Homeromanteion and the Oracle of the Doors, this system incorporates prophetic utterances given at Apollon’s temples at Delphi, Klaros and Didyma.

1-1-1: No one is wiser.
1-1-2: Let the snake stay there.
1-1-3: It is better that they become friends and allies according to the terms agreed upon.
1-1-4: Gather the best men of Hellas.
1-1-5: For his growth you need Anteros.
1-1-6: The strength of bulls or lions cannot stop the foe.
1-2-1: For bringing benefits to men you will have undying fame.
1-2-2: They have offended the blessed gods.
1-2-3: Celebrate the feast of Choes.
1-2-4: Keep your fathers’ laws and protect your country.
1-2-5: Before you enter battle invoke Apollon with the cry Hie Paian.
1-2-6: Love of money and nothing else will destroy Sparta.
1-3-1: If a sheep nods assent after being sprinkled, you may sacrifice it.
1-3-2: If you fight with all of your strength, victory will be yours.
1-3-3: You will not have her on favorable terms.
1-3-4: It is better to celebrate it according to ancestral custom.
1-3-5: Make a pledge and mischief is nigh.
1-3-6: I shall punish all who injure my servants.
1-4-1: For twenty days before the dog and twenty days thereafter let Dionysos be your Physician in a shady house.
1-4-2: You have come in quest of good order. I shall give you an order such as no other city has.
1-4-3: Know you better than I, fair Libya abounding in fleeces? Better the stranger than he who has trod it? Oh! Clever Therans!
1-4-4: There are two ways opposite to each other, one leading to the house of freedom, the other to the house of slavery.
1-4-5: I sang and divine Homer copied.
1-4-6: Apollon will assist, invited or uninvited.
1-5-1: It is better for them to leave the lands unworked.
1-5-2: I will soon give you the Egyptian land.
1-5-3: First sacrifice to the warriors who once had their home in this island.
1-5-4: The possessions of friends are common.
1-5-5: Grasp the helm fast in your hands.
1-5-6: They have seen the necessity of evil.
1-6-1: Zeus has sent famine and plague on you for neglecting his Olympic festival.
1-6-2: Do not make war upon those with whom you eat.
1-6-3: An eagle will show you.
1-6-4: A boon to you and your children.
1-6-5: You will meet in battle anyway.
1-6-6: I count the grains of sand on the beach and measure the sea; I understand the speech of the dumb and hear the voiceless.
2-1-1: Get out, get out of my sanctum and drown your spirits in woe.
2-1-2: The Messenians acquired their land by trickery; by trickery it will be taken from them.
2-1-3: Help the crops that are being destroyed.
2-1-4: The Hellenes will win and take Troy in ten years.
2-1-5: Troubles unlooked for long shall vex thy shore.
2-1-6: Go to Trophonios at Lebadeia and get a remedy from him.
2-2-1: The number 73 marks the hour of your downfall!
2-2-2: A wall of wood alone shall be uncaptured.
2-2-3: You have expiated the deeds of your ancestors.
2-2-4: Earth has swallowed them again.
2-2-5: The god is not here and is not speaking oracles.
2-2-6: Pharian Isis searches for her husband by the streams of the Nile.
2-3-1: Zeus would have made it an island had he wanted to.
2-3-2: Find that tree and honor it as a god.
2-3-3: Take notice, Delphians, of her who has greatest charm but least glory.
2-3-4: Lead the people on the road that goes through courage and harmony; avoid that which leads through strife and ruin.
2-3-5: Many Oracles with springs and exhalations have appeared on earth.
2-3-6: Your fathers should have asked better questions.
2-4-1: You killed the servant of the Muses; leave the temple.
2-4-2: Nothing in excess.
2-4-3: All who do harm to the gods’ priests and plot against their honors with impious calculations do not complete the whole road of life.
2-4-4: Pallas cares for war.
2-4-5: It is sanctioned not to accept a truce unjustly offered.
2-4-6: Beware the riddle of children.
2-5-1: The wounder will heal you.
2-5-2: He could be born alone, but he cannot grow alone.
2-5-3: Old man, young warriors exhaust you.
2-5-4: This is another Herakles.
2-5-5: For a Gephyraean man a friendly house is the best house.
2-5-6: You must pray to Artemis, that she may be your helper.
2-6-1: Make one of the thieves its guardian.
2-6-2: The sun shines everywhere.
2-6-3: Give Soteira Kore the honor of an altar.
2-6-4: It is better to bury Alkmene in Megara.
2-6-5: Rome will not stand nor will the folk be quiet and war end.
2-6-6: Immortals rejoice in the benevolent honors of mortals.
3-1-1: Make sacrifice to Ikarios, Erigone and their dog Maira.
3-1-2: Drink wine full of lees, since you don’t live in Anthedon or holy Hypera, where you would drink clear wine.
3-1-3: Let the man go; he has made payment.
3-1-4: You will die before your time.
3-1-5: Consider both sons kings, but honor the older more.
3-1-6: Send two maidens to Ilion.
3-2-1: Look for hearing of the deaf man and sight of the blind.
3-2-2: Appease Charila the maiden suicide.
3-2-3: Let us always call Soteira gentle with mother Deo in holy song.
3-2-4: Leave the island and go elsewhere.
3-2-5: Your strength is gone, and hard old age is upon you.
3-2-6: I have given you Satyrion and Tarentum to live in and to be a plague to the Iapygians.
3-3-1: Take the field; you will be victorious.
3-3-2: You will be cured when you have served for three years.
3-3-3: Pan, servant of Dionysos, was going through the mountains, his wand in one hand, his syrinx in the other.
3-3-4: Pray to the Winds and it will be better; they will be great allies for Hellas.
3-3-5: Death would have taken them all, if Artemis in anger had not soothed his rage.
3-3-6: Go and do not delay.
3-4-1: Mother Rheia cares for flutes, drums and an effeminate company.
3-4-2: The Christians are an impediment to the gods’ truth-speaking and are causing the oracles from the tripods to be false.
3-4-3: Take Aphrodite as guide and companion.
3-4-4: Do not go back to Argos.
3-4-5: While the soul is bound to the body it yields to mortal ills.
3-4-6: The man who stands by the temple door will rule you.
3-5-1: Take Dionysos Lusios from Thebes to Sikyon.
3-5-2: A white garland on dark brows.
3-5-3: None.
3-5-4: For this is the ordinance of divine providence.
3-5-5: Substitute a goat for the boy.
3-5-6: Pray to Phoibos, Serapis and Nemesis, who oversees athletes’ races and you will have them as helpers of your wishes.
3-6-1: He will do his service with honor.
3-6-2: Fulfill your vows to the gods.
3-6-3: There shall be no eating of greens.
3-6-4: The ancestral gods have always stood by you.
3-6-5: It is advantageous to you, entreating Pallas Tritogenia and valiant Herakles.
3-6-6: The gods accompany mortal men.
4-1-1: With silent service, pursuing a life of tranquility.
4-1-2: The life or death of what you hold is in your power.
4-1-3: It is not lawful to kill sheep.
4-1-4: The Megarians will prosper if they consult with the majority.
4-1-5: You do not know the child’s nature.
4-1-6: Make sacrifices to the dead and hold games in their honor.
4-2-1: All mankind should honor the goddess who produced grain on earth and ended men’s savage way of life.
4-2-2: Sacrifices should be made to Euthymos.
4-2-3: Be my friend now.
4-2-4: Make their will known far and wide.
4-2-5: Mate with whatever woman you first meet.
4-2-6: Go back to Sparta on the road by which you came.
4-3-1: Turn every stone.
4-3-2: It will be a good marriage.
4-3-3: The sanctuary should be declared sacred and inviolate.
4-3-4: It will be better that the Milesians make the treaty with the Herakleots.
4-3-5: He should visit the king.
4-3-6: Make your own nature, not the opinion of the multitude, your guide in life.
4-4-1: This war does not concern you at all.
4-4-2: The water has dried up.
4-4-3: It is better to receive helpers into your city.
4-4-4: Many acorn-eating Arcadians will keep you from taking it.
4-4-5: Do not go back to your native land.
4-4-6: Enroll the men into the citizen body.
4-5-1: Make a bronze image of the ghost and fasten it to a rock with an iron bond.
4-5-2: He should govern with harmony.
4-5-3: Mourn for Skephros.
4-5-4: You will avoid death for a long time.
4-5-5: Send seven of each every year.
4-5-6: Stop this or do as you like.
4-6-1: Offer the first fruits of the harvest to the Two Goddesses.
4-6-2: He visited once in the days of Ikarios.
4-6-3: If you defend yourself and avoid deceit, Zeus will grant you victory and fame.
4-6-4: When a mule becomes king of the Medes, then flee to the Hermos; don’t stay and don’t be ashamed to be a coward.
4-6-5: Not even the gods can escape destiny.
4-6-6: Nothing needs to be done.
5-1-1: Go to Lakedaimon, where the first man who invites you to dinner will be your healer.
5-1-2: Pallas cannot appease Zeus with her many prayers.
5-1-3: You flee destiny by leaving the Nile.
5-1-4: In return for seeing what he should not have seen, he will be deprives of the sight of his dearest.
5-1-5: Find a remedy for this misfortune.
5-1-6: I am most pleased with Dokimos’ barleycakes.
5-2-1: Holding the unhonored in honor you will then plow the land.
5-2-2: Do not destroy the common hearth of Hellas.
5-2-3: Beware of the sea.
5-2-4: Give what you found to your neighbors.
5-2-5: He will show you a fertile land.
5-2-6: The gods give you victory if you go through the road of the narrows.
5-3-1: Widowed Arne awaits a Boeotian husband.
5-3-2: Honor Herakles as a god.
5-3-3: You will win the five greatest contests.
5-3-4: Hang an effigy of the woman.
5-3-5: There the Magnesians will prosper in the house of Mandrolytos, admired by their neighbors.
5-3-6: You shall be made glorious through Hera.
5-4-1: Be pious.
5-4-2: This is the end of your journeys.
5-4-3: Drive the enemy away.
5-4-4: Sacrifice a black sheep.
5-4-5: Again dear Hippolytos puts out to sea.
5-4-6: There will be revolution in Lakedaimon.
5-5-1: He will live longer.
5-5-2: Found a cult.
5-5-3: Favor the good.
5-5-4: Phoibos has told you this from the tripod.
5-5-5: Cease doing so when a foreign king with a foreign god enters your land.
5-5-6: The island will soon abound in crops.
5-6-1: Once upon a time the Milesians were valiant.
5-6-2: Give your wages to Eurytos.
5-6-3: You, yourself already know this; but if you require a test all will soon be made clear to you.
5-6-4: Alexander is son of Zeus.
5-6-5: You will be victorious so long as you wage defensive wars.
5-6-6: Take a tripod and carry it from the temple; wherever it falls from you as you carry it on your way, there establish your foundation.
6-1-1: Apollon will not give any response to the Athenians on any matter until they have paid their debt to the Eleans.
6-1-2: You will have deliverance when your enemy prays for you.
6-1-3: Search no more for Europa.
6-1-4: Zeus will look after the rest.
6-1-5: You will continue to feast if you continue to honor the gods, but when you reverence a mortal before a god, then war and civil strife will come upon you.
6-1-6: Every land is a fatherland.
6-2-1: Establish musical contests.
6-2-2: Yes I bid you do so.
6-2-3: Pay the penalty that Minos asks.
6-2-4: Oppose what is false.
6-2-5: The only remedy is to introduce Dionysos with all honor.
6-2-6: When your labors are completed you shall attain great glory.
6-3-1: Eros, Pothos and Aphrodite have bound them with chains.
6-3-2: When white ravens appear, the Boeotians will lose their country.
6-3-3: You are yourself the cause of your misfortunes because you misunderstood the oracle.
6-3-4: I am sending you a guide.
6-3-5: It will be better for him who obeys.
6-3-6: Pisa is our father’s concern and Pytho mine.
6-4-1: Don’t trust anyone too much.
6-4-2: If the king sacrifices what is dearest to him you will have good crops.
6-4-3: A wineskin floats upon the sea.
6-4-4: You have many helpers in Athens.
6-4-5: You have come about your speech, Battos, but I shall send you to Libya to found a great colony.
6-4-6: Your hands are clean as before.
6-5-1: You will take Ilion when the best of the Achaeans quarrel.
6-5-2: The creatures will perish by divine means.
6-5-3: Await the third harvest then return.
6-5-4: Each will grow or fail as he sees the other grow or fail.
6-5-5: You did not help your dying friend.
6-5-6: Give what is asked of you.
6-6-1: Make sacrifice at Zeus’ altar and believe what seers tell you.
6-6-2: Perform all of the labors that Eurysetheus sets before you.
6-6-3: Seek and you will find.
6-6-4: Leave the temple, veil your heads, loose your robes, and cast behind you your great mother’s bones.
6-6-5: If you know yourself you will live most happily.
6-6-6: The bull is garlanded; he comes to an end; the sacrificer is at hand.


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