Astragalomancy of Herakles Mainomenos

Take four dice that have been consecrated to Herakles and cast them upon the floor. Add the numbers together and you will have your oracle.

4. All hail! my house, and portals of my home.
5. What put such desperate thoughts into your heads?
6. Take heart, and no more let the tears stream from your eyes.
7. Great Apollon! What a prelude to thy story!
8. Come, let me veil my head in darkness.
9. For I had been lucky enough to witness the rites of the initiated.
10. Well, I must lead them, taking them by the hand to draw them after me, like a ship when towing.
11. Fly, luckless wretch, from my unholy taint.
12. How glad am I to emerge into the light and see thee.
13. I purposely made my entry by stealth
14. I will do so; the advice is good.
15. When I have beheaded the miscreant, I will throw him to dogs to tear.
16. Farewell my labours!
17. My father weeping o’er some mischance.
18. Aye, and brought to the light that three-headed monster.
19. I will not neglect to greet first of all the gods beneath my roof.
20. Henceforth I shall be called Herakles the Victor.
21. Endurance must have a limit.
22. God help us! What suspicions these dark hints of thine again excite!
23. Which of my friends is near or far to help me in my ignorance?
24. I never remember being mad.


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