Community begins in relationship and specifically relationships of mutual support. Many thiasoi in antiquity collected dues so that they would have funds available to assist members in times of illness, need and crisis as well as providing for their burial rites. The thiasos of the Starry Bull, at present, does not collect member dues but folks are strongly encouraged to donate to the fund-raising campaigns listed here which benefit members and their families. All charitable work must begin at home and this is a way for us to support our own. Together we can make a huge difference in the lives of individuals. So please give and give often. Every little bit helps.

How can the man who, while worshipping Zeus the God of Companions, sees his neighbors in need and does not give them a dime – how can he think he is worshipping Zeus properly? (Emperor Julian, Letter to a Priest)

Sarah’s brain cancer fight
Back in March of this year my husband found me in the middle of the night having a seizure. He called 911 and I was rushed the ER. There they took a CT scan and found a mass on my brain. They rushed me to CPMC in SF where I had MRIs and surgery the very next day without delay. I had a large tumor on the right side of my brain pushing on my life side.

Sarah is trying to raise $12k. You can donate here.

Josh’s fight to walk
Josh Wood is my cousin, in 2000 he had a terrible sporting injury that broke his neck and spine. It was a major event in our family that affected everyone, not to mention his own torment. He is diagnosed as a complete quadriplegic with less than 5% functionality of his spine. Through constant therapy and an inconceivable amount of self-determination Josh walks. He went from bed, to wheelchair, to crutches, to cane and now is free of that too. He does motivational lectures around the world, is regularly featured on television, radio and has published a book about his ordeal. For me he is an inspiration to us all. Despite his miracle success he still requires therapy to help maintain his health and treat other issues like painful nerve damage. This is very expensive, so please any contribution will aid!

You can find more details here.

Elizabeth A. Closs Memorial Fund

This is  a memorial fund  to help cover the funeral cost for  Elizabeth “Bess”  Closs. Please donate if you can. Every dollar helps and PLEASE REMEMBER EVERY MOMENT IS IMPORTANT AND LOVE EACH OTHER.

Elizabeth’s family needs $5,000.  You can donate here.



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