Chat Log 1.8.15

I present to you STARRY BULL CHAT PART THE THIRTY-SECOND, in which we address leadership in the wake of Sannion’s absence (took us long enough), Markos arrives 15 minutes late with Starbucks, and I summarize Thiasplosion in a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air parody.


Go check it out.

This Thursday’s chat (Skype, 21:30 EST) will be about Festival Dates (again), since I will hopefully have done divination for them by that date! If anyone else wants to pitch in on divination for the dates of individual Thiasos festivals, I could use some confirmation on the dates for generalized festivals. (See Jan. 1st’s chat–those are the ones like “Festival of Masks,” “Festival of Purification,” “Plant Festival,” etc. We have down what months they’re in, but not the dates yet. We’ll also start tossing around some ideas for the next lunar month’s festivals, as well as devotional activities for us all to try.



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