Downloadable Calendar for 2015


Days of Devotion

Sunday: Dionysos and Apollo Soranos
Monday: Persephone and Melinoë
Tuesday: Ariadne and Aphrodite
Wednesday: Hermes and Hekate
Thursday: The Heroines
Friday: The Heroes
Saturday: The Nymphs and Satyrs

Moveable-Date Festivals

These festivals are intentionally given generic names, to make them more approachable and customizable for Thiasos members at any level of knowledge or experience.  They make excellent “Starry Bull 101” festivals.  The dates of these festivals will change from year to year based on answers received in divination.

Phallos Festival

Festival of Intoxication

Animal Festival

Madness Festival

Hunt Festival

Purification Festival

Mask Festival

Plant Festival

Fire Festival

Festival of Dolls and Puppets

Dream Festival

Blessing Festival

Labyrinth Festival

Festival of Dancing

Remembrance Festival

Festival of the Arts

Fixed-Date Festivals

January 1: Kalends

Ringing in the new year with masks, drunkenness, divination and obscene songs and dances.

January 5-6: Epiphany

Wine miracles and baptism.

January 9: Agonalia

Celebrates Orpheus’ destruction of the bees of Aristaios in punishment for his role in the death of Eurydike.

March 17: Liberalia

Phallic processions to bring fertility and protection to the fields; also honors the nymphs, nurses and companions of Dionysos.

April 12: Anthesphoria

Commemorates the abduction of Kore while gathering flowers and her transformation into Persephone, Queen of the Underworld.

May 2: Maiuma

Celebrates the union of Dionysos and Aphrodite with baptism and drunken revelry.

June 28-29: Arachneia

The transformation of Arachne into a spider is commemorated through dance.

July 3: Feast of the Dionysian Prophets

A time for ecstatic worship and divination.

August 1: Feast of the Dionysian Kings

The triumphant procession of the New Dionysoi.

August 13: Hekatesia

A festival for Hekate.

September 9: Melinoeia

Commemorates the birth of Melinoë.

September 23: Praxidikaia

Sacrifices on behalf of the ancestors are made to the Erinyes and underworld powers.

October 7: Feast of the Dionysian Martyrs

All those who suffered for Dionysos are remembered.

October 8: Karneia

Apollo’s wolves chase the old man with the grapes.

October 20: Thiasplosion Day

A day to remember how major setbacks are the pruning necessary for a vine to thrive.

October 27: Katabasia

Commemorates Dionysos’ descent at Lerna to bring up Semele and the phallos as a pledge to the deceased.

November 4: Hermaia

Honors Hermes as guide of souls and lord of dream and magic.

November 24: Agrionia

A festival of wild revelry celebrating Melampos’ cure of the Proitides’ madness through dance.

December 8: Feast of the Dionysian Artists

Honors Dionysos as god of creative inspiration and all of those who have served him through their art.

Lunar-Reckoned Festivals

Gamelión 12: Lenaia

The priestesses of the winepress call Dionysos up from the underworld with their songs and dances.  Originally celebrated in the Athenian lunar calendar, the dates of this festival will fall late January or early February.

Anthesterión 11-13: Anthesteria

A feast of flowers, wine, sex and death.  Originally celebrated in the Athenian lunar calendar, the dates of this festival will fall in late February or early March.

Metageitnión 2: Pannychis of Ariadne

An all-night vigil in honor of the apotheosis of Ariadne and the placement of her crown in the heavens.  While not an Athenian festival, this holiday is still marked according to a lunar, rather than solar, calendar.



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