Saturday Chat: Purification & Mask Festivals

Hello, followers!

On Saturday, 16 May, at 17:00 EDT, we’ll be having a Skype chat about two festivals coming up next week in the Starry Bull tradition: the Purification Festival, and the Mask Festival.

Both of these festivals are moveable-date festivals, which means the date on which they are to be celebrated is divined every year.  This year, they happen to fall in the same week, bridging the transition from the month of Agreuión (”He Who Hunts”) and Melanaigión (”He of the Black Goat-Skin”).

The Purification Festival falls on Monday, 18 May, an interesting date–in the lunar calendar, the daylight hours form the last day of the old lunar month, which are sacred to the Dead and the Khthonioi (Underworld Gods), but sundown marks the transition to the new lunar month; definitely a good time to cleanse oneself of the old and welcome the new!

The Mask Festival falls on Thursday, 21 May, right at the beginning of the month of Melanaigión.  This month is named for an epithet of Dionysos associated with katharsis/ritual purification and theater–definitely an appropriate time for masks.

These festivals’ names are intentionally vague.  Followers of the Starry Bull tradition can make these rituals as simple or as complex as they wish.  Come join us to talk about the importance of purification in the Starry Bull tradition, various ways of purifying oneself, the significance of masks and theater, and ideas for how to celebrate these festivals.  We hope to see you there!


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