Tuesday / Thursday Chat: Almost the Starry Bull Pantheon

While we have a definite list of Deities, Daimones, Spirits, and Deified Mortals making up the Starry Bull Pantheon, it’s pretty natural to feel drawn to Deities outside this Pantheon as well.  In fact, the Starry Bull tradition does not necessarily have to be one’s exclusive practice.  We have adherents who are Hellenic polytheists, Magna Graecian polytheists, initiated Wiccans, members of the ADF, and some folks orbiting the Thiasos are various stripes of Heathen.

So, let’s talk about blending the Bull with other traditions.  Let’s talk about syncretism within our tradition.  Let’s talk about Deities who are tangentially part of this tradition, and about how to tell if Deities are interested in taking part.

Join us in Skype on Tuesday, 12 May at 20:30 EDT; and on Thursday, 14 May, at 21:30 EDT for this chat.  PM us if you haven’t joined a chat yet and are interested in doing so.

And for those interested, you can find a list of Deities and Daimones we’ve already identified as being tangentially involved in the Starry Bull pantheon (without being a confirmed member of it) at the bottom of the Pantheon portion of this blog.


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