Tuesday & Thursday Chats: The Labyrinth!

The labyrinth, represented on our logo as the classic “Minoan” seven-circuit labyrinth, is one of our key symbols in the Thiasos of the Starry Bull.  Dense with symbolism, it stands as a shorthand for many of our tenets and beliefs, including (but not limited to):

  • The cyclical nature of self-development and liberation;
  • The circuitous and inscrutable paths we walk during the course of our lifetime (or lifetimes, if you believe in reincarnation);
  • The twisting, turning, confusing ways our souls walk the Underworld after death;
  • The cycle of birth, death, and rebirth;
  • The labyrinth of Krete, home of Asterios the Minotaur (brother to Ariadne); and
  • The various initiatory paths first trod by Dionysos.

There is a lot of fertile ground (hah!) to cover here, ranging from an intro-level discussion of why the Labyrinth is related to our path, up through musings on the connection between the Underworld, real life, dreams, and the hodgepodge of other planes/realms commonly called the “astral.”

Come an join us for a Skype chat on Tuesday at 20:30 EDT, and on Thursday at 21:30 EDT, about this deceptively simple symbol.  You must be a legal adult in your area of residence to participate in the Starry Bull Skype chats.

And if you want some extra food for thought, check out a modern Bacchic Orphic take on the Labyrinth’s story.

And speaking of things to check out, check out some Dionysian swag!  These t-shirts, white on black backgrounds, are up for sale for a pretty good price.  Each t-shirt sold not only gets YOU an awesome piece of clothing suitable for ritual use OR everyday wear, but also helps fund travel to Many Gods West for participants in a Dionysian ritual!


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