Saturday Chat: Maiuma!

Hello, readers!  Just making a quick announcement about our upcoming Saturday Chat.  We will be meeting at 16:00 EDT in Skype to discuss an upcoming festival in the Starry Bull calendar–the Maiuma.

The Maiuma is a festival celebrating the union of Dionysos and Aphrodite.  While Aphrodite was not a wife of Dionysos–that position is Ariadne’s–there is a good bit of overlap between Aphrodite and Ariadne in ancient cultus, and medieval tradition mentions Bacchus and Venus as important figures in the world of the Fair Folk.

Here are some links you may find useful:

  • One of the original posts on Aphrodite’s role in the Starry Bull tradition.
  • Another post from Sannion on Aphrodite’s more frightening side (believe it or not, the original version of this essay showed up on his blog in 2012).
  • A collection of primary sources referencing the ancient Maiuma.
  • One of theheadlesshashasheen‘s posts that alludes to the vast network of connections between Aphrodite, Venus, medieval Fair Folk lore, and the Sibyl (an ancient prophetess who lived at Cumae, very close in proximity to one of the biggest centers of Dionysian worship in southern Italy).
  • A divination system you can create and dedicate to Aphrodite!

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