Tuesday and Thursday Chats (14 & 16 April 2015): Persephone, Haides, and Plants

What flower was Persephone picking when she was taken down into the underworld?  What, exactly, does asphodel look like?  Why does Demeter say that it is “unlawful” for Her to drink wine?  Why might Haides enjoy libations of spearmint tea?

We’ll be talking this week about plants associated with the Underworld and Underworld Gods (appropriate, given this week’s upcoming Dark Moon, a time the Hellenes associated with the dead).  You may want to look into some of the plants that grow in your area–maybe you have some underworld-friendly plants where you live, or maybe you’ll find plants to include into your regional cultus of the Khthonioi!

Join the Thiasos of the Starry Bull for a Skype chat Tuesday, 14 April, at 20:30 EDT (that’s 8:30 pm EDT for those of you who don’t speak military time).  If you haven’t joined a chat before and want to be added in (or if you lost the channel, which happens to me sometimes), PM me with your Skype username or the email you used to sign up for Skype.  I’ll add you as a contact, and afterwards I can invite you to the list.

In the meantime, have some relevant links:

  • Plants Associated with Mourning. (Connotations are modern, but may be a good jumping-off point in research for local cultus.)
  • Theoi.com’s list of Important Plants in Greek Mythology, Part 1 (of special interest: Aconite, Asphodel, Crocus, Iris, Lily) and Part 2 (look for Mint, Narcissus, Pomegranate, Poplar, Violet, Willow, Yew).

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