Update on the Pantheon Info

You will now notice the pantheon tab includes Resources, Prayers, Rituals; with each tab bringing up subsequent pages. Each page now includes hymns or lists of relevant deities, heroes, spirits etc.
The lists are the most up to date structured by this entry from Sannion.

There should be no more blank pages!

These pages can now include resources, links, brief info, suggested rituals. The layout is designed for easy editing so if anyone wants to contribute or add a new page it can easily be done. Right now most only include hymns.

We are looking for volunteers to add to this database, if you want to contribute feel free to send submissions to markus.gage85@gmail.com

We are looking for:

Brief introductory descriptions of deities, heroes, spirits etc.

More Hymns, prayers


Offering suggestions

Ritual suggestions

Resources, including links to articles, blogs, books etc.

Anything you wish to add to these pages.

If you have any difficulties navigating these new tabs, or just suggestions feel to email, or leave a comment on this post, or bring it up on facebook. You know the drill.



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