Anthesteria Resources and Inspiration

Wine. Flowers. Sex. Death.

Anthesteria can be an incredibly powerful festival, both eerie and ecstatic, and I wanted to gather together some articles and experiences that may help inspire others to celebrate.

The best places to start to acquaint yourself with what the festival is AND how to go about observing it are here:

Anthesteria for the Lonely Soul by Sannion

A Post-Festival Guide to Anthesteria by Dver

For digging a little deeper into the source material for Anthesteria, Sannion has helped us out here and here.  Here also is more about Erigone. And more about Orestes.  If you’re already familiar with the main themes of the festival, and wish to dig even deeper…  Some Magna-Graecian threads of Anthesteria are teased out here.  As well as some Deukalion threads here and here.

For getting a feel of this festival through poetry, there is A Garland for Dionysos on Anthesteria by Sannion, Anthesteria by Amanda Sioux Blake, Khoes & Aiora: A True Story in Poetry by Aridela.

Some personal experiences are shared:

By Dver, in photos.

By Galina, here.

One of my (Aridela’s) year’s celebrating it here, here and here.  (More under the Anthesteria tag.)

I know there’s so much more out there especially with people’s personal observances – if you got something PLEASE comment or send it to me and I’ll add it!!


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