Agesilaon Announcements

Hello, Thiastai!

As we move into the month of Agesilaón, named after the epithet of Dionysos that means “He Who Carries Away,” I’d like to take a few moments to send out some announcements and reminders.

  • Our first festival of the lunar month, the Animal Festival, will take place on Wednesday and Thursday, 25-26 February.  (Officially.  If you cannot celebrate the festival on those days because of your schedule, I see no problem with switching it to this weekend or another convenient time.)
  • The Anthesteria, an Athenian festival dedicated to Dionysos, takes place from sundown on Sunday, 1 March, through sundown on Wednesday, 4 March.  While the traditions surrounding this holiday take a bit of time to explore, it’s still a good holiday to observe, as several of its Mysteries overlap with those of the Starry Bull tradition. (Check out Sannion’s Anthesteria tag if you want a good idea of modern interpretations of it.)
  • The Madness Festival will take place on Thursday and Friday, 12-13 March.  This is a good time to practice opening oneself up to Dionysian madness, which is healthy and curative–and often helps us understand and even prevent later outbursts of other, less healthy types of madness, like stress and anxiety.
  • The Liberalia, a Roman festival, takes place on Tuesday, 17 March.  (It’s unrelated to the modern St. Patrick’s Day, as far as I know!)  This festival celebrated Liber Pater, a Roman interpretation of Dionysos associated with freedom and festivity.  Given its proximity to the Vernal Equinox (Northern Hemisphere), it can also make an excellent welcoming of Spring.  In the Southern Hemisphere, its proximity to the Autumnal Equinox may make it a good time to honor the Dionysian dead, whose souls are freed from mortal life to revel alongside the Starry Bull for eternity.

This month will end on Saturday, 21 March; on Sunday, 22 March, the new lunar month of Dionysión (“He of Mt. Nysa”) will begin.

On a less festival-related note, here are some planned changes to the weekly chat!

  • We will be starting a second evening chat on Tuesdays at 20:30 (8:30 pm) EST for those who can’t make Thursdays.  Tuesday and Thursday evenings were the top two most consistently popular timeslots in Erin’s survey.  (Thanks, Erin, for the hard work you did there!)  Our first Tuesday chat will take place this week on 24 February.
  • We will also be starting up a weekend chat for those who cannot attend weekday night meetings.  The time is still being discussed, but plan for it to begin this coming weekend, either Saturday 28 February or Sunday 1 March.

We also hope to begin new weekly challenges, so keep an eye out for those!  If you have suggestions to weekly challenges, send them in to us via WordPress comment, or by private messages over Skype or Facebook.  Take care, everyone!



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