Knees, Teeth and Inarticulate Screaming

Knucklebones by Leighton

Knucklebones by Leighton

I’ve been reading Sannion’s writings for years for free. I consider him a friend who has countless times offered me advice and guidance without expectations of payment. On top of that he established the wonderful community of the Thiasos of the Starry Bull and has provided resources to our emergent tradition again for free. He has even allowed members to obtain his books for free.

This is just a taste of the services he has provided to not just to the Thiasos, but the polytheist and pagan interfaith community at large.

After a bout of accidents he is now calling for donations to cover medical expenses. He is even offering services for the donations.

We have proven time and time again to be a charitable lot and it’s time to do so again. Please give!

His paypal address is:

More info and services:

~ Markos Gage


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