Just a note that the most recent chat log has been added.
And for this weeks chats here is a announcement from Emily:
“We will be having a Starry Bull Skype Chat this Thursday, 30 October, at 21:30 EDT. A few notes:
– This week’s chat topic is Ancestor Veneration, and will be led by Erin F.
– I will be late to the chat (if there at all) because of longstanding family plans–but I hope to join in maybe an hour in.
– We will be discussing plans for future chat topics as well–let’s aim to plan at least three chats ahead.
– Post any questions or ideas regarding Ancestor Veneration to this thread, especially if you can’t make it to the chat.
– Feel free to suggest chat topics, too! We want to discuss the stuff YOU are interested in knowing!”

If you would like to join please contact either Emily or myself, as usual my email is:

Markos Gage


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