Upcoming Starry Bull Chat: 18 September 2014

Hello, Thiastai!

We have a Starry Bull Chat scheduled for this Thursday, 18 September, on Skype at 21:30 EDT. Our topic this week is the Praxidikaia, which is coming up on Sept. 23 (NOT, as I’ve mistakenly said in the past, on the 28).

I know there are a few of you who didn’t get to join in the chat last time–I apologizing for not helping you out sooner. Do me a favor: if you’re interested in joining in and haven’t done so yet, make sure you have a Skype account. Send me your Skype contact info in a private message over Facebook. I can’t add people in until I have them listed as contacts in Skype.

If you can’t make it, reply to this post (or its corresponding Facebook thread) with any questions you want asked and/or points you want to bring up. We are also looking for future chat topics, so feel free to submit those here, too!

Hope to see you all at the chat. Have a great week!


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