Associated Gods

The Thiasos of the Starry Bull is a unique cult in that it is modern but has strong sounded ties to ancient cultures. It is also developing and open to change. This and so much more is outlined in the FAQ.
But there are questions.

In the last chat (which will be uploaded soon) we discussed Athena and her chthonic side, her relationship with Dionysus and their unique similarities. She like many gods and goddesses could be included into the pantheon of the Thiasos. But why not?

There are seriously hundreds of different deities that share a relationship with Dionysus, some were great aids and protectors of Dionysus, some even added in the development of his mystery rites or had their own ecstatic cults. But when we start including an over arch into the Pantheon things become lost. Dionysus becomes lost. It’s like going to a lecture and no-body will shut up, the speakers voice is lost amongst others.
Then there are certain deities with loud booming voices that can really overwhelm the direction of the Thiasos. As Sannion mentions in the 8.28.14 chat in relation to Cybele :

“The thiasos is Dionysocentric, and he can act as a doorway that leads to other gods and mysteries … but if Meter is present, she comes to dominate.”

The Thiasos is not an exclusive club nor does it prevent members from worshiping other gods or including them in their own pantheon. But as a group it is focused. Unless a deity like Apollo, wants to stick up their hand and demanded acceptance in the Pantheon we should keep it as simple as possible, (it’s pretty damn complex as it is right now).
It is fine to explore, discuss, research and worship deities that are associated with Dionysus and Bacchic Orphism or anything related. However these deities should be seen as separate of the Thiasos Pantheon and given due honours on their own.

Markos Gage (The Gargarean) — an Australian, Dionysian – Hellenic polytheist artist and writer.
Personal blog
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Email: markus.gage85 at gmail .com



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