Upcoming Starry Bull Chat 8/28/2014

Happy Monday, Thiastai!

This Thursday, at 21:30 EDT on Skype, we will be hosting a Starry Bull Chat about deities associated with orgiastic rites. These include Dionysos (obviously), Meter Rhea-Kybele, Sabazios, the Satyroi, and all the Mystery-Initiate groups of the ancient Mediterranean (e.g. the Kouretes and Korybantes).

I’d say come join us for the orgy, but it’s Skype. (Email me or message me over Facebook or tumblr if you want to be added to the chatroom!) It’s also the official night of the Pannykhis of Ariadne, so feel free to bring questions about that, too!

Remember: if you can’t make the chat but still have questions or comments you want shared, leave them as a reply to this thread or the one on Facebook and we’ll make sure they get asked/mentioned!

Emily Kamp is a Hellenic polytheist, devoted in particular to Hestia, Hermes, and Dionysos the Starry Bull. When not teaching high-school Latin or making horrendous puns, she is the moderator of an online shrine to Hestia (which doubles as a daily devotional for polytheists of all stripes).


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