My Little Art Project

I suck at words and run out of patience when it comes to writing hymns and poetry. Easy for some, but my brain isn’t wired like that. However, I’ve been feeling a little guilty about not adding to the beautiful content that other members have contributed towards. So I thought I’ll add in a way that I can and hopefully kick myself in the arse to do it more often as a result.

If you follow facebook you may have seen my little art project already. I know that many members are not on that stupid thing, (good on you) here is my project and explanation of it.

The idea is a symbol or icon for the deities and heroes / heroines of the days of the week. An aid symbol for members to meditate upon or use in ritual etc. It will be free for download, print, copy, edit etc. The end result will be in digital format for simple transfer and ease for me to create.

So far this is the meaning of each symbol according to my crappy sketch:
The bull skull is Dionysus.
The Seven stars are the Corona Borealis – Ariadne
The Bridge across the horns of the bull is the lyre bridge of Apollo.
The Labyrinth is symbol that epitomises everything we’re about IMO
The caduceus is Hermes -likewise for the wings coming outwards.
The shell is Aphrodite.
The cup is the nymphs.
The phallus is the satyrs.
The sword is used for both Heroes and Heroines.
The snakes are Hekate.
The split face is Melinoe.
The inverted pomegranate is Persephone.

Below is the progress so far. I won’t be able to work on it for a few days so now is time to give suggestions, criticisms or alterations. It’s for the Thiasos so you input is appreciated.
Right now I have mixed feelings about the caduceus on the skull head, it symbolises Hermes but the wings do too. Also it seems to imply that Hermes has dominance over Dionysus – which is a confusion I don’t like – however the caduceus is potent symbol that represents duality so it’s applicable to Dionysus. *shrugs*
Finally I was going to add colour. I have three ideas – keep it monochrome. Make it polychrome with the orphic colours of Red, white and black. Or colour it full. I might be able to do all three, again suggestions are welcome.

*note: this is still in progress, I’m fleshing out the symmetrical side first  then adding details – lighting, shading etc. So it’s mirrored.



First WIP

First WIP

WIP so far

WIP so far

How did I develop this:
I came up with the idea after some frustration and decided to work it out through the intuitive drawing technique. Basically you work yourself into a trance and draw things using loose mediums like chalk or charcoal. I had a concept in mind but no direction, so I loosed out things I wanted to express and allowed the charcoal to do the rest. Afterwards I refined what I had with ink, rubbed out the charcoal and produced the scratchy sketch. Now I’m refining it further on photoshop to hopefully end up with something cool. We’ll see 🙂

Markos Gage (The Gargarean) — an Australian, Dionysian – Hellenic polytheist artist and writer.
Personal blog
Art website
Email: markus.gage85 at gmail .com



    1. Given the nature of digital art it is easy for me to make mono or poly or coloured versions.
      So personal preference can be decided by the user.
      I only shy away from colour because it’s much easier to keep things monotone… I might challenge myself and do colour 🙂

  1. This is beautiful! I’d love to have a copy of it for my altar eventually, if you ever think to sell copies.

    I also personally think red/white/black would be great for colors, but then again, I like color in my altar pieces.

    1. Okay, once the shadow values are worked out I’ll try and do all three colour options (as I mention its easy to do that).
      I plan to release this to the Thiasos for free, so you can download and print it out yourself. However… if there is a demand for it I could also do limited-edition prints on high quality paper, that is signed, dated and numbered and sell them — meaning it has artistic value.
      Anyone interested in that idea?

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