They are everywhere!


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This is not going to be an in depth article or a detailed anecdote… It rather is a little collection of thoughts I had today while cleaning up my much negelcted household and hopefully a way of engaging you, dear reader, in a bit of interaction in the comment-section.

I had much to clean up today and still have lots to do. My current job-situation has been demanding almost all of my energy, up to the point where I pretty fall out of bed, into my office and back into bed when the day ends.

You can imagine how my apartment looked like after a few weeks of avoiding the almost anything, preferring to use my “spare time” to either relax in front of a flickering screen or fleeing my home altogether and go spend the valuable hours with my boyfriend.

I am currently enjoying a 14-day paid leave and am slowly catching up on my chores… and while doing so I noticed a rather curios fact.

Spiders…. Spiders everywhere!  I mean… F*CKING EVERYWHERE!

I used to have a virtually spider-free household for as long as I can think of, (No, I am not arachnophobic) but suddenly there where spiders in almost every corner of my home… their webs extending from one spot to the next.

I have no idea how I managed to not notice them before.

I also noticed that I haven’t been feeling the need for spiritually cleansing my living space as much as I normally do.   I tend to smudge my home once a week and bring out the more potent cleansing agents just before Noumenia. Floor-scrubs, fumigations, baths, etc.

But I haven’t done so over the last couple of weeks… I neglected that part as much as I neglected dusting my shelves or vacuuming my carpets.  But somehow it was not necessary either.

I wonder if the spiders have come to aid me, without me knowing it, spinning their webs and covering my home in a sort of  “dream-catcher for nasty energies”. They seem to have taken the burden of keeping my home etherically clean enough for me to relax until I am able to resume my duties and keep it clean myself. Is this something others (that have a working relationship with the spiders spirit) have experienced?

I confess to have taken down most of their webs too… not because I am ungrateful, no!  I just need to access most of the items they have clad in their spectral dresses.

I have never worked with Spider before, but this little incident has startled my interest in this Spirit. I am pondering over ways of approaching her, since she is part of the pantheon of our Thiasos I would probably meet her one way or another after all.

So, dear reader?  What are your experiences with Spider?

How did you approach her? Or did she come to you?

And if your consider yourself a listener of our tradition and are not yet including Spider in your devotionals: What is holding you back?

I wold love to read your accounts either here in the comments-section or over at Facebook…






Narkaios Alepou resides in Germany and considers himself a devotee of Dionysos. His path has been influenced by Hekate from the beginning and his explorations of witchcraft and sorcery of any flavor take up most of his spare time… You can find him on Facebook (his personal blog is not being updated as of the moment) and in The Kantharos (a devotional group on Facebook set up for Dionysos).







  1. I wrote about my feeling towards the spider here:

    I am arachnophobic and would freak out at your house if I were there!
    But since writing that piece I have had encounters with tiny spiders. Some just randomly crawling on me. They are so small and exquisite they don’t scare me, so maybe the Spider is a little understanding?
    I also agree that she is healing, in my case its overcoming fear – which is healing in its own way. I hope you enjoy your much needed holidays.

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