A little field-report…

Today we, of the Thiasos of the Starry Bull, celebrate the Hekatesia. Discussions concerning this festival led us to the decision that we would mark this occasion this year by bringing forth our fears and offer them to Hekate, in the hope that she will take them and bring back to us something we had lost… the much needed courage to embark upon the adventurous journey the this-sided labyrinth has to offer.

Considering that there is an intense time ahead of us, festival-wise, with lots of somber and dark themes, it is more than appropriate to face any known fears, uncover some unknown ones and get to know the turn-side of our hopes and wishes. Those nasty little demons will crawl up on us eventually, and NOW is the perfect time to either bust them or befriend them.

I ask for forgiveness if this report seems a little sketchy. It was all done very spontaneously and I am still not really “back” from the crossroads…

We were to create something that represents our fears and bring it along an offering of food and drink to the crossroads.  Maybe even a crossroad with an oak standing nearby.

After coming home from work I decided to just go with my gut. I grabbed a plain white egg, some milk and honey and sat down in-front of my Altar-space, where Hekate holds a very prominent place.

After thinking about my most obvious fears I wrote most of them on the the egg with red ink.

I then washed my hands and my face with khernips and lit the candles and the incense.  I rung the bell in front of my little Hekate-statue (I somehow believe to have to “wake her up” before addressing her in at the shrine, it is something I picked up visiting a local Hare-Krishna temple). and relaxed for a few moments.

I then decided to begin the Rite by saying the following (I have my reasons for spelling one form in Greek and the other in plain “English”  *g*):




Askei Kataskei Eron Oreon Ior Mega Samnyer Baui

Askei Kataskei Eron Oreon Ior Mega Samnyer Baui

Askei Kataskei Eron Oreon Ior Mega Samnyer Baui

Phobantia Semne




>>Insert spontaneous yet private invocation to the Goddess, welcoming her and telling her what I was up to<<

The next step was dedicating the three freshly harvested holly children to this special occasion by passing them through the incense and offering them to Hekate after thanking Maria Sabina for her gifts. They were ingested accompanied by the ringing of the altar bell.

After that I took my rattles and just dived into the soundscape they provided( It felt like a longer time, in retrospective it was only a few moments), knowing that the little children would only change my perception very slightly but still in such a way, that the mundane stays behind…

Then I took the prepared egg and proceeded to  let it absorb all of my fear, known and unknown. I rolled it over my body from head to toe.  The cool caresses of the red-stained shell of the egg were soothing to my soul. I really felt it pulling out what seemed like grey phantoms. Some of them lingering on my skin, some dwelling much deeper.

I put out the lights and took the charged egg, some Incense, the honey milk an a little funeral votive light to my go-to cross-roads.

It was a short trip only to deposit my offerings there and nothing more.

But something was VERY different this time.

After I lit the candle I heard a couple approaching the area (it is a rather frequented crossroad, I somehow managed to block this out from my mind while getting there). and the one of them said, clearly shocked by the votive light (usually used in grave-yards  here in Germany)

“Someone died there”

I ignored them and proceeded to pour the honeyed milk over the Egg I placed in my little sacrificial pit. They just stood there watching… probably thinking about how it’s like to loose someone, thinking about some anonymous John Doe, who died on that very spot. It was the FIRST time I poured libations to the Host of Hekate in front of other living human beings… WHILE they were standing there, sort of paying tribute to the passed one(s).

It was only on my way home, that maybe.. just maybe… the one who died was I.

I know, that my fears won`t disappear over night…  I know that there is still a LOT I have to confront… a lot of me I have to discover… But every-time I do so, I die!

I die to become a new person…and  I thus give up my fear of death…

My inevitable death is now my friend!



Narkaios Alepou resides in Germany and considers himself a devotee of Dionysos. His path has been influenced by Hekate from the beginning and his explorations of witchcraft and sorcery of any flavor take up most of his spare time… You can find him on Facebook (his personal blog is not being updated as of the moment) and in The Kantharos (a devotional group on Facebook set up for Dionysos).



  1. I actually did try it, Narkaios, and it was odd how the egg felt slightly heavier afterwards. It took an hour or two before I starting feeling any aftereffects from the ritual, but I really think it helped dispel some of the stress I was feeling. Great idea! 🙂

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