Everyday Prayers: For the Dead

This series, which I hope to publish every Friday, will focus on specific prayers for the Thiasos of the Starry Bull. These prayers may be original creations, chants, translations of ancient prayers, or analyses of modern ones, but all will be useful for members of the Thiasos. That said, let’s get started!

In the Bacchic Orphic traditions of the Starry Bull, we are encouraged to pray for the dead. Our actions in life affect the lines that came before us, and our prayers can help them just as their power can help us. Since the entire pantheon of the Starry Bull is either chthonic or worshipped in a chthonic aspect, we can call upon almost any of Them to help our ancestors (blood or lineage), our beloved dead, and any restless spirits around that might need some guidance.

With that in mind, I give you all this prayer today. It will likely be part of an ongoing series.

This prayer is intended specifically for Persephone:

Those who have died before me,

Those who will die after me,

Those who die in my time:

Protect them, Lady Queen,

Protect Your foster-children.

Emily Kamp is a Hellenic polytheist, devoted in particular to Hestia, Hermes, and Dionysos the Starry Bull. When not teaching high-school Latin or making horrendous puns, she is the moderator of an online shrine to Hestia (which doubles as a daily devotional for polytheists of all stripes).


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