Polytheist Leadership, Out of Context

While this isn’t related to the Thiasos of the Starry Bull in particular, I thought this post might be a bit easier to find on WordPress than on Tumblr. So, here goes the post I promised to all the PLC attendees!

Out-of-Context Quotes from the Polytheism Leadership Conference:

My face has not slid across my mother’s labia. –Ruadhán (and not, surprisingly, the Negative Confessions of the Egyptian Book of the Dead)

Well, if you’re going to hide a body – WHY am I discussing this in public? — Emily

Is there even a bog nearby? –Kelly

Here, try this. It will make you a felon in the state of New York. –Theanos

I’m the parent of a two-and-a-half year old. If I had the libido for an orgy, I should be so lucky. –Kenaz Filan

Rhyd: “Do you all know who Oscar Wilde is?”
Audience: “Yes.”
Rhyd: “Good! Me, too.”

Every time you mention cottage cheese on a spork, WE’LL know what you mean. –Jessica

It’s like the umbrella law in the Navy, you – nobody wanted to be remembered as the guy who put the ‘No Goat-Fucking Law’ on the books. –Kenaz Filan

My understanding on what is appropriate to discuss in public was lost when I was working on cataloguing butt-plugs. –Liam

Bunnies: actually kind of terrifying. –Liam

Gus D. Zerega: Late Learner. –Edward Butler

The soul is like the Chevy of Theseus. –Julian Betkowski, et al.

You know the common metaphor of the godphone? Well, not everyone has an internal NSA godtap. –PSVL

[Various ramblings about lambs in the ceiling] –Theanos

PSVL: “Any group is a real group once you’ve had a schism.”
Chris: “Two real groups at that point.”
PSVL: “Oh no, there’s just one.”

You’d think there were no flowers in the world until people [in Hellenic mythology] started meeting unfortunate deaths. –PSVL

List of Topics Somehow Discussed in Public at the Polytheism Leadership Conference:

– How the Bog Bodies of northern Europe may have just been victims of violent crime

– TOTALLY UNRELATED: how to hide bodies in peat bogs

– (Just kidding, those two were totally related)

– Human Sacrifice (also related)

– Cannibalism

– Flying Genitalia

– “Severed Genitals Thrown to the Goddess” (the hit educational children’s song!)

– Flayed Bull Testicles

– The Pharaoh’s D&D Campaigns

– Piles of Stone Dildos

Emily Kamp is a Hellenic polytheist, devoted in particular to Hestia, Hermes, and Dionysos the Starry Bull. When not teaching high-school Latin or making horrendous puns, she is the moderator of an online shrine to Hestia (which doubles as a daily devotional for polytheists of all stripes).


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