Doing artwork on the street has it pros and cons when dealing with the public. It’s not uncommon to encounter religious crazies, from Christian fanatics shouting that I’m going to hell – to David Icke reptilian-alien nut bags telling me I need to wake up.
The pros of meeting people – is that some are really fucking awesome. Last year I met a Macedonian archaeologist on holiday in Oz. I believe his name was Gregory or George and despite the luxury of social networking I was unable to find him on facebook.
Anyway, this guy had an academic and professional passion for the Dionysian mystery cults and claimed that he was working on a dig in Macedon near the town of Tetovo.

The gentleman said that the dig was a series of open top tunnels that cut into natural caves. A manmade and natural labyrinth. His theory was these tunnels were used in initiation rituals, the to-be-initiate would be chased through the tunnels while being attacked by both physical and mental torment only for it to stop when they came to the end to find an image of the god.

If you have any information on this I’d love to hear it. I’ve been looking into it since hearing, but found nothing. Then again, I know others have better connections than me.

Markos Gage (The Gargarean) — an Australian, Dionysian – Hellenic polytheist artist and writer.
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