Welcome to the cow-shed

I have created this site to be the online presence for the thiasos of the Starry Bull. To the right you can find links to our Facebook page as well as the companion sites Greater Greece and Smoky Words which emphasize the Southern Italian and Bacchic Orphic roots of our religious tradition.

Above you can find our calendar and upcoming events, as well as space for people to share personal pictures and listings of goods and services that they are offering to the community. There is also a section for devotional writing in honor of the gods and spirits of the thiasos of the Starry Bull. You do not have to consider yourself a member to contribute something.

Another feature of this site that we’ll be unveiling soon is the stable of authors who will be contributing content on a variety of topics from a variety of perspectives on a semi-regular basis. (As long as they turn in one piece a month frequency is entirely up to them; anyone who goes more than three months without a post will be removed and asked to reapply when they’re up to handling that level of commitment again.) Our authors have complete intellectual and creative freedom, provided that such freedom does not conflict with the interests and security of the thiasos.

Sannion is a mantis (“diviner”), an Orpheoteleste (“specialist in Orphic rites”), and the archiboukolos (“chief cow-herder”) of the thiasos of the Starry Bull with over two decades’ worth of experience worshiping Dionysos and his retinue of gods and spirits. He is a prolific author and provocateur who has published numerous books under the pseudonym “H. Jeremiah Lewis.” He currently resides in the Empire State, a suitable location for one with ambitions to conquer the world. He’s also insane enough that he may just succeed.


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